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    UM, twice a day at the moment after not much at all for the last 9years

    As for housework, we have 5 children and we both just get in and do what needs doing around the house. Obviously when I am not working I can get alot of stuff done during the day but he by no means expects me to be superhuman. I try to get everything out of the way before he gets home so we can ALL relax but he definitely helps with the kids, doesn't just sit around until they are all in bed. WHen I am working (8 months a year) we have a cleaner to help lighten the load.

    He needs to help you with the kids and understand that he needs to pitch in more.

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    My fiancé and I have been together almost 5 yrs and I am 30weeks pregnant. When we first moved in together I found I was doing everything because that is what u r used to when u live alone and he loved playing his computer games ect. We both work full time and it got too much so I wrote down things that were bothering me and what I needed help with. I told him there were jobs I wanted done every weekend and we split them and he cooks twice a week and i cook twice a week we cook together on weekends. He can play computer games but he cut it back a lot a friend told me she actually gives her DH a cut off time if he not in bed then she locks him out of the room. My DF has no cut off time on the weekends so long as all our jobs r done and then he doesn't sleep all the next day. We have date night once a month. As I am a school teacher DF knows he has to help out a bit more as report time means long hours of report writing up until the evening. We have already sat down and had a chat about when bub is born and I said he will still need to help out. I will be happy to cook week nights so kids can be fed on time. But he knows he will be asked to help with chores. As for sex DF was a bit timid about doing it when we found out I had MS until 18 weeks and have now developed hip problems and the huge belly means we need to be more creative. It just means we do it on the weekends when we aren't tired and have time to be with each other. I'm sure it will change when bub comes along. But definately write down the things that bother you. Prioritize what you need done every week and get him to pick a few as his job, set a limit in his game time (this would not help him if he is tired) and have date nights even if it is every three months have it on the calendar and book the babysitter ahead of time.


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