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    I had a similar situation with my DS at about that age. For me it seems my flow was fast and he was a bit nasal so it was a bit much for him. He soon adapted or my flow settled down, not sure which.... I just let him have lots of little breathers during the feed. I agree with PP though call ABA!

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    Hi, my DD had reflux and would vomit, scream and push away from the breast. Started at about 3 weeks and got worse until finally diagnosed at 12 weeks.

    Things to try...
    Elevating head end of the cot and change table.
    Feeding in a more upright position, head above tummy.
    If your baby is fussing at the breast I was told to give 1ml of mylanta before and 1ml of mylanta after the feed using a syringe. If that helps then the problem is likely reflux. Maximum is 20ml of mylanta per day. Mylanta is only temporary, there are some good prescription meds which are for longer term use if reflux is the problem.

    My little one almost sighed relief and went to sleep on my shoulder after giving mylanta. Before that it would take hours for her to have a 20 min nap.

    I cut all dairy and soy from my diet which also made a huge difference to her vomiting. The majority of babies which are intolerant to cows milk protein are also intolerant to soy protein. True lactose intolerance is rare in babies.

    Hope this helps.


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