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    Quote Originally Posted by purplecat View Post
    The thing that's doing my head in the most?

    That a thread about semantics is actually constantly quoting the wrong words for the acronym "ABM"

    It doesn't stand for artificial breast milk in medical circles.


    That is all.
    Sorry, it was 9 years ago lol, my memory is not perfect! (and I have had too many tequila shots in that time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissSookyLaLa View Post
    Did you know the term 'formula' was introduced as a marketing mechanism back when formula was created. It was a very very clever marketing campaign, but doctors would also individually 'formulise' milk for each mother- so mothers began to get the impression that this 'scientific formulated milk' was superior to their own breastmilk. You can read more about this in the book 'The Politics of Breastfeeding'.

    The term 'artificial milk' was introduced to counter this widely held belief that formula is somehow superior, or equivalent to breastmilk.

    It is not and should not be used passive aggressively to insult mothers who can not or choose not to breastfeed.

    PS- I do not agree with the term 'breast milk substitute' as this perpetuates the myth that formula is equivalent to breast milk.
    But why must it be this constant attempt to bag formula rather than promote bfing? We KNOW bm is a better option. Better still, let's put our time and the ABA's money into getting more help for women, rather than playing word games to guilt women? It's like telling a mum who has just had an emergency c/s for issues out of her control that staff are calling her c/s an artificial birth... bc well we can't have women thinking c/s are better than natural birth can we?

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    Since when? I don't find that acceptable? And I'm pretty sure most others wouldn't either.

    Quote Originally Posted by share a book View Post
    Anything can be used as an insult. And how is it more insulting than breastfeeding supporters being called nipple nazis or the titty taliban? Supporting one does not mean being anti the other. But being compared to nazis or the taliban is supposedly acceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by London View Post
    Didnt read any replies. Replying only to the OP.

    No, I dont find it offensive. I BF for 6 weeks and my milk dried up....I went to the shop and bought a tin of formula and used that. I didnt tear up over it. I didnt feel ashamed buying formula. All I knew was that my child needed to be fed and I was not producing milk so I went to the shop and bought the childs need to be fed was kind of the only thing that ran through my mind to be completely honest. I didnt realise that FF was such a big deal until I found this forum.
    I think people can tend to be a little bit precious with things these days and find the smallest things offensive. Who gives a rats a$$ if someone thinks you are 'artificially feeding' YOUR child? The sun will still rise tomorrow regardless. There seems to be such pressure to do things a certain way, when parenting is one of the things that there is no set 'Right Way' to do it.
    Likewise, I too didn't read any other posts and I too felt no guilt for ff my DD after 3 months, I had my reasons and I know it was the best decision I made so I don't find it offensive personally but I can see why people would.

    I just think its ridiculous how this always has to be a debate! I FF, others BF, each to their own! Do what feels right! And those that FF don't feel bad about it, it's not like you are giving your babies illegal drugs! Or letting your baby starve either!

    Just like some people are vegetarians, others are vegans, some people go organic, others only eat take away, it's all a choice and that's what makes countries like ours great! / the right to choose how we live our lives!


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