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    Default How old is your bub and how much formula do they drink?

    My almost 5 month old has been fully on formula for 5 weeks now and I'm not sure if she's drinking enough.

    I know formula tins do tend to overstate how much babies need, but my baby sometimes only has 30 mls per feed.

    For example here's how her feeds looked yesterday:

    3:30am - 175mls
    5:45am - 60mls
    7:45am - 40mls
    9:45am - 60mls
    12:00pm - 30ml
    2:15pm - 90mls
    5:55pm - 110mls
    7:15pm - 90mls
    12:15am - 150mls

    I know the smaller feeds were closer together, but she catnaps and I need to feed her in between each feed or she won't go to sleep at all.

    Does this sound normal to anyone?

    I'd feed her more in the mornings to fill her tummy to give her a good nap, but she's not interested in the mornings. If this isn't normal, is there anything I can do to get her to drink more during the day? She drinks a lot during the night but not as much in the day which is also a problem...I think.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!!!!

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    I was worried about how much my son was getting as he was vomiting some feeds and the health centre said all they need is 150ml per 1kg

    Hope that helps x

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    My bub has reflux and used to feed similarly to yours.... have you tried cutting her night feeds back? I started only offering 120ml overnight she didn't wake any earlier but drank more in the morning. Is there any meds in her milk? I used to have gaviscon in there and she HATED it, changed her formula to something she liked and her appetite went up overnight lol!
    Also perhaps she's simply not hungry at 5.45 and 12? Try giving her her first bottle of the day at 630 - 7ish? She might take more, and the midday bottle could be cut out? My DD fed three hourly on the dot through the day until she started solids.
    Good luck with it all!

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    My almost 5 month old son has been formula feed the whole time and has 3 bottles of 250ml a day, and 1 bottle 200ml. We use karicare formula after trying nan, novolac, and s26. He also suffers from reflux and has Zantac twice a day. I feed at 7am, 11am (200ml- follow by first tasters of solids at about 12ish) then 3pm and 6pm. He catnaps too and has about 4 naps of 45mins a day. Bath at 5.45, final bottle at 6 then Bed at 6.45pm. When he wakes during the night (this can be anywhere from zero to 3 times) I do not feed him, just resettle. I ensure I give a first bottle at 7am. We have has this routine for about 5 weeks now before that I was feeding during the night and every 3 hours during the day and like your little one he was all over the place with amounts he drank as he was cranky not due to hunger but something else and i found his reflux was worse as well as sleeping. Perhaps try to ensure you set a time frame between each feed, maybe 3-4 hours. If you know they can go a certain length between feeds (esp at night) try to maintain that length of time. They should then drink more at their feed times which enables them to go longer.

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    My bub was always a nightmare to feed, only wanted little bits often (also a reflux baby).

    Do you know what changed her into a good feeder? Teaching her to hold the bottle herself. I hand it to her on the floor and she holds it. When she looses interest she leaves it and then comes back to it 10 minutes later. Over the hour the whole bottle will disappear.

    Teaching them to hold bottles takes some work, but I think when they can control it they're less stubborn. My sister taught my daughter to do it around 5 months old so your bubba should be old enough. Took a few weeks, not an instant thing. She just kept putting her little hands on it again and again when she dropped it. I gained back HOURS of my day when she learnt that!!!


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