Hi All

I am looking to try and build up a new program designed for 3-5year olds and would like to gather a sample audience for me to run through our activities with to make sure we are on the right track. We are located in Upper Coomera, on the Northern End of the Gold Coast and we will be looking at running the trial on 31st July starting at 9am.

I don't want to give too much away but I can tell you that it is a activity based program with parental interaction and will last approximately 50minutes from start to finish. I would like to brief everyone before we head up and in to the activity area. Once the program has concluded I would like to debrief with those that attend to get some feedback over a free coffee. I would like to think that we will be done by 10.30am. There are child minding facilites for those that have two children and would like the other(s) looked after.

I only have limited spaces so please reserve your slot by emailing James@GulliversCoomera.com.au

James Parker
Operations Manager
Gullivers Coomera