Would you like to share your story of having your prem (or prems) in hospital?

Researchers from the School of Psychology at Griffith University are interested in hearing about the experiences of parents who have had a preterm baby (or babies) during the last 12 months.

Why is the research being conducted?

Research has identified that the beliefs a parent holds regarding their parenting abilities, also known as parental self-efficacy, can impact on their parenting behaviour. Research also suggests that aspects related to the hospital, such as ward design, hospital policies, and experiences with hospital staff, may affect parental self-efficacy. As preterm infants can be hospitalised for extended periods of time, these factors may play a particularly important role in influencing efficacy beliefs for parents of children born preterm (infants born < 37 weeks gestation). The current study, conducted by researchers from the School of Psychology at Griffith University, aims to investigate the relationships between parents’ experiences in the hospital environment, parental self-efficacy, and parenting behaviour, for parents of preterm infants.

What you will be asked to do

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which will be emailed to you, along with instructions, for you to complete online. The questionnaire will ask you about a number of things including your perceptions of the nursery environment, support from nurses and other parents, time spent with your infant at hospital, your well-being, parental self-efficacy, parent-infant bonding, and about your involvement in particular activities with your child. It is expected that the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time to complete.
You will also be asked if you would like to participate in an optional semi-structured interview. The interview will allow you to tell us more about the nursery environment and what the experience of having an infant in the newborn care unit has been like. The interview should only take around 10-20 minutes of your time.

If you are interested in participating in this research project, then click on the link provided below. You will be asked to fill in some information including your name and preferred email address, so please ensure you enter in the correct email! An email will then be sent to you with the link to the survey (and remember to check you junk inbox!). The email will also ask if you are interested in participating in the interview, and will include instructions for registering your interest.
All information provided will be de-identified and is completely confidential. If you have any questions or would like to read the full information package on this project, then please don’t hesitate to contact Laura Uhlmann by email (laura.uhlmann@griffithuni.edu.au). Thank you! Your time is greatly appreciated.

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