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    Default Researching C sections - what did you ask?

    Hi There

    I''m meeting with my obstetrician in a few weeks time for the first time but since I am already 27 weeks pregnant almost I will be telling him I want a c section birth. I have medical grounds (psychological) for doing so and have thus far been supported by my GP and midwives at the hospital I've just transferred to.

    I'm a nurse so I like to be informed about procedures and what they completely entail. I've researching the procedure likely to be carried out (but will get the hospitals version of course may be slightly different per hospital according to policies etc) but what kind of things did you ask about it or research into?

    Just wondering if I may have missed something

    At the moment I am thinking to ask what the procedure is for the particular hospitals arrival to the hospital before the section, if I will meet with the anaethetist prior, what method they use to close the wound ie staples or sutures and what kind, what kind of medications they give for pain relief afterward as I know this can vary, whether DH can stay with me when the epidural/spinal is being administered, how long the whole procedure from start to finish is likely to take, can't think of what else...

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    I had my 3rd antenatal class last week and it was all about interventions, they showed us a video and went into a lot of detail about the whole caesarean procedure. But you seem to have a lot more questions than most in terms of stitching and pain relief, I'd say ask the midwives because they know the standard procedures for the hospital, every obstetrician is going to be a little different, and quite often they aren't actually there for the whole lead up and post procedure. But definitely ask both. I have learnt not to read much of what I find online anyway :P

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    I had an emergency c-section with my son about 20 months ago. They used some kid of stitch for me (sorry not sure what) for pain relief afterwards in the ward (not sure of what they used in recovery as I was really out of it due to a great loss of blood) I had Endone, panadol, Voltarin (sp?) I also have an allergy to codine so I don't know if these drugs are different to what others got.

    Also bub and DH were able to stay with me in recovery.


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