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    My ds used to do this as well as pp have said talk to your dd before bed tell her mummy doesn't like screaming when you wake up come to mummy & daddy's bed. We would yell out to ds to come see us when he yelled out to us saying we are not coming to him. This maybe a bit harder seeing as you have your ds as well. We also ended up moving his bed time back to 7pm which helped as well as a block out blind which makes his room a lot darker especially in summer. He now sleeps in from anywhere 6 to 7 normally 6.30 which we are happy with as we knew he was never going to be one of those kids that sleeps in.

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    She is sleeping from 6-5 so that is 11 hours of sleep. I know you are pregnant and it isn't always feasible, but you can maybe one night a week, go to be at 8pm and get a full 10 hours of sleep yourself so you wont be so tired anymore
    Even going to bed at 9pm gives you a whole 9 hours of undisturbed sleep. I know a few people here who would be very happy to go to bed at 6pm if that means they would get some undisturbed sleep lol.

    Anyway, going in and comforting herm is not a good thing.
    DS has been waking in the middle of the night going "mummyyyyyyyyyy drink, drink, drink!" even though he's had a drink only 2 hours before. I used to go in there and give him a drink and he would go back to sleep, but I would be awake for another hour :-\ I fixed it by putting a cup of drink next to his bed that he can grab himself now.
    He also would wake up crying/sooking for a cuddle and I would go in and give him a cuddle and he would want me to sit down next to him until he falls asleep again.
    It was killing me, as again, it took me an hour before I could get back to sleep again!
    So one night I applied some tough love. I did NOT go in anymore. First night he cried (not hysterical) for a few minutes and went quiet, next night he had a sook for about 2 minutes and went quiet. The next night it was undisturbed sleep for me again.

    So sometimes, when everything else fails, tough love needs to be applied. Yes it will take a few days for her to get used to it, but it will work in the end.

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    I norm go to bed at 830ish. She wakes often in the night still to. But I think we will have to try tough love


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