You know that a lullaby can be soothing, that a good beat can make you want to dance and that music can make you feel happy or sad, but did you know that music can alter the way a child’s brain develops and improve memory? Researchers also found that one-year old children who participated in interactive music classes with their parents smiled more, communicated better and showed earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music.

Term 3 enrollments for music classes across Perth are now open, and did you know that many classes are either pay as you go, or you can attend a free trial class if it's usually on a payment by term basis? Contact the class provider to arrange a date and time to try before you buy.

So where do you find these classes? All this week I will be posting about classes North, South and East across Perth. This is not an exhaustive list so if I’ve missed out your local class please comment at the end of the blog to let me know and I’ll add it in!

Part 1 - North of the River
Australian Girls Choir (
Location: Duncraig and Subiaco
Age range: 5 years - teenagers
About: ‘Every girl can learn to sing given encouragement and training’ is the belief of the Australian Girls Choir. And it’s not just about the singing – there’s games, dancing, making friends and developing confidence along the way too.
Payment: Term-by-term basis

International School of Music
Location: Churchlands
Age range: 2- 12 years
About: The two year olds are Jitterbugs ( and the three year olds are Beeboppers ( and both groups have a whole lot of fun engaging with a wide range of songs, games, musical activities and fun learning each week. 4-6 year olds can also take piano lessons ( and primary aged kids can begin on more advanced musical training in conjunction with piano. (
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Kindy Dance Time (
Locations: Cottesloe, Hamersley, North Beach, North Perth, Scarborough
Age range: 2- 5 years
About: Kindy Dance Time is a gentle and fun introduction to dance and music and enourages imaginative play and learning. A wide range of music is used and the emphasis is on fun!
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Let’s Jump and Jive
Location: Greenwood
Age range: under 5’s
About: This is an interactive music and movement class with dancing, instruments and other fun props set around a different theme each term. Stay around for a chat and morning tea afterwards.
Payment: Pay-as-you-go

Mini-Maestros (
Location: Shenton Park, Woodlands, Mt Claremont
Age range: 6 - 15 months
About: Develop a love of music in your baby with songs and activities that can be integrated into your daily routine outside of the class. Lap play, musical instruments and puppets are used to stimulate and help the babies enjoy the rhythm and movement.
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Music Together with Sarah (
Location: Scarborough
Age range: Birth to 5
About: Music from cultures around the world as well as original songs are used together with instruments to make music fun. Classes are mixed age based on research from music education, early childhood development, and family relationships – big kids enjoy helping little ones and little ones are fascinated by big kids!
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (
Locations: North Beach and Nedlands
Age range: Birth to 3 years
About: "Nursery rhymes and chants are used as a stimulus for movement, singing and percussion playing. Parents are encouraged to observe and respond to their children as they develop new skills in an un-pressured and stimulating learning environment. Classes not only prepare children to learn an instrument with a Suzuki teacher, but also develop a foundation for all learning experiences."
Payment: Term-by-term basis

The Music Place (
Locations: Leederville, Wembley, Kingsley
Age range: 0 - 4 (depending on class location)
About: This music and movement program is part of Kindermusik and in each class you and your child will play, laugh, dance, sing and giggle! In each class there are musical activities that will stimulate and engage the senses through vocal play, instrument and object exploration and creative movement.
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Wiggly Woo (
Location: Mt Hawthorn
Age range: 1- 5 years
About: Dance, wiggle, clap, sing, stamp, listen and have fun! Classes are about children enjoying and appreciating music, rhythm and movement while building their relationship with their parent/caregiver. Classes are mixed age and no bookings are needed, just come along and stay for morning tea afterwards.
Payment: Pay-as-you-go

Yamaha Music Education (
Location: Padbury
Age range: 3.5 years - adulthood
About: Yamaha offers a Music Wonderland course for beginners from 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 years old exploring music through singing, movement and playing musical instruments (, as well as a Junior Music course from 4 1/2 - 6 1/2 years bringing in the reading and writing of notes as well as singing, movement and playing instruments ( Young musicians from 6 1/2 - 8 1/2 build on musical skills and begin keyboard and piano lessons as well as singing, reading music and ensemble playing (
Payment: Term-by-term basis

Go and make music with your little one and have fun :)