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    Default 9mo refusing EBM at daycare

    I currently send my demand fed 9mo to daycare 2 days a week for 5 hours a day to ease us both in before I return to part time work in a couple of weeks.
    Just recently though he has begun to refuse to drink ebm from his carers from his bottle or even the sippy cup he drinks water from. He drinks plenty of water and eats his solids there but just doesn't seem to want his ebm.
    My concern is though I'll be doing full days at work and the thought of him going all day from 8 til 5 without breastmilk 3 days a week has me worried his nutritional needs won't be being met. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Does he want you to feed him when you pick him up? Maybe he's choosing to wait the 5 hours because he knows he will get it from you after that.
    Sorry I can't help much. Do they warm it up for him and does he take it when he is at other places, not daycare?

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    I wouldnt be concerned. My 13 month dd has never taken a bottle of anything for childcare. She started daycare at 11 months and she drinks lots of water and eats lots of solids but won't have a bottle. She usually has a few big feeds in the afternoon/evening of breastmilk to make up for it. At 9 months 5 hours without breastmilk really isn't a big deal. If your lo is content with food and water then I would be happy with that.

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