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    Default Recurrent miscarriage/chemical pregnancies

    Have any of you girls out there had 3 (or more) miscarriages and then went on to have a successful pregnancy?

    We are doing IVF for Male Factor, he has good quality, just a very low count. We got quite a high fertilisation rate and our embryo’s seem to do very well (have 5 frozen). We’ve had 3 transfers, and 3 chemical pregnancies. I don’t have low progesterone and am on progesterone support. There didn’t seem to be a problem with my lining (but will have this investigated) and i started Clexane for the last cycle, in case i had clotting. I’m going to ask about NK cells. I do acupuncture, take all the supplements.

    We found out very early for all three, just can’t seem to make it past those early weeks.

    Is there anything you tried that worked?

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    It is so disheartening when you are doing all you can and you have that little bit of success but it is all to short lived. You will notice in my signature that I have had several miscarriages (including chemical pregnancies). I am currently pregnant (24 weeks today) and am so thankful and consider myself very blessed. What did we do different? Got healthy and reduced stress.

    I reduced my work schedule. We were in a position that allowed me to do that and I tried to eliminate all other stresses in my life. I felt I needed to relax and take some time for me and I think that helped me to physically be more prepared and receptive. Mentally I felt great with the reduction of stress!!!!

    Also, you know how everyone has an old wisetale that they just know will be the solution to all you fertility woes, I had someone suggest drinking apple cider vinegar. I had nothing to loose so thought why not, I'll give it a go. I conceived that month - was it cooincidence? I have no idea!

    I knew that there was something stopping the little ones from thriving and thought that I would do all I could to give them the best shot possible. I ate healthy, avoided chemicals, made a nice welcoming environment for sperm and embryos (apple cider vinegar) and did all I could to enusre I was mental and physically relaxed. I don't know what made the difference or if it was just the many prayers offered were finally answered in the affirmative!

    Hope someone has some fantastic advice that may make a difference for you.


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