i just want to get others experiences with the #2's... my son is 7 weeks old, he's on nan ha gold formula and OMG he can clear a room!!! when he passes wind it's bad enough, but then when he does a poo it's totally gag worthy!!! it's also a very very dark green - nearly black or blue it's so dark....

now, don't get me wrong, changing nappies does not bother me, but i don't ever remember my other sons nappies smelling like this... i've also worked in child care, and looked after enough babies, and i have never, ever changed nappies that were so rank!!!

i'm assuming it's to do with the formula he's on... but how bad is too bad?? - he's not generally a happy baby, he's quite grisly most of the time so i'm starting to think maybe an upset tummy could be causing him to be grisly as well as contribute to the stink!!