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    Default swaddle wraps...

    I am wondering if anyone can recommend me a good swaddle wrap?
    Im interested in The SwaddleMe type ones.
    Ive seen "pod" type ones that zip up right to the neck also.

    Remembering dd as a newborn, id think she was asleep but she would actually be laying there the whole time trying to get her hands free and when she did she would scream and scratch her face. Mittens never worked neither did the built in ones.

    I could never get her swaddles right or secure enough. I hated layering wraps in winter. I am looking for something alot easier to keep arms snuggled in this time incase i have another wriggler!

    Your sudgestions/experiences with swaddle wraps please?

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    I used love me baby swaddle wraps with both my boys. DS1 was an absolute Houdini, and it was getting dangerous how tightly we had to wrap him, so found these. They were a life saver for us. Not TOG rated, so you still use blankets etc, but great. Also great if you are out and need to change a nappy and then swaddle quickly - no need for a large surface to wrap a muslin, just zip the wrap up. Hands are up by their face to suck. You would need a couple of these as they get quite grotty with all the hand sucking going on, and need to wash regularly.

    MY DS2 was not as wriggly as my first, but we had gotten so used to the ease of the wrap, and we also had them of course, so just used them for him.
    I would use them again if we were having any more.

    I would recommend getting one second hand off eBay to try it out if you wanted, ten if you loved them you could go out and grab a few more.


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