Wondering if anyone can help me shed some light on this topic?

I had a 4day emb transferred on Tuesday 17July and on prognovya and crinone. Pretty much since the transfer I have felt like AF was coming.

Last night was in bed at 5pm feeling crampy and backache, not sleeping well which is all symptoms of what I go through with before AF arrives.

Also went to the toilet as I felt funny "down there" like just before AF arrives and sure enough there was a discharge of the crinone with some brownish/red too. I did a HPT and it was negative.

This morning was still there and I feel like if I stopped the crinone etc it will bring on AF.

Rang my clinic and they advised to continue and go in for a BT this Friday instead of next monday to determine what's going on.

I asked if it was an implantation bleed is it not a little late to which FN agreed with me, however she said the crinone can do nasty things to our body.

AF is not due until the 1st so I am a week early and not having a BFP don't know what to expect.

Any advice or comments really appreciated x