I'm struggling with the zone / catchment areas. Is there anywhere that information on this is published? It seems to be hard to get information firstly about which hospital is relevant, and then about the hospital itself which is the secondary issue!

We're booked into RPA birth centre however are looking to move further West, which necessitates looking at other hospitals. The house we're looking at is apparently in the Auburn Hospital catchment (which I found out from calling Bankstown hospital) but when I called Auburn they couldn't give me ANY information and just put me through to a voicemail that said they don't take phone referrals and to talk to my GP. Which indicates that I need to find a GP in the area first!

Does anybody know anywhere that I can find information on Auburn Hospital maternity/antenatal?

I had so much information on RPA from forums and websites, but the other hospitals seem to have very little information online. We also looked at some houses which I think would be in Bankstown Hospital and Westmead Hospital areas respectively, and likewise I struggle to find much online.

I thought perhaps if I called they'd have brochures or something, seeing they apparently don't have info online, but it seems there's nothing! Any suggestions?