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    I think it's worse. Wouldn't a relationship without sex need emotional intimacy to help it grow?

    I can actually understand pure physical cheating (don't agree, but understand) but not emotional cheating when that's not even sating what your own relationship is lacking.

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    I think that what is 'cheating' is defined by the people in the relationship.

    If you're doing something s.exually with someone else and its not mutually agreed upon as acceptable in your relationship, then its cheating. That is, if you're hiding it because you've discussed it before and its a no-no in your relationship, then its cheating. If you and your partner have agreed its okay, then its not cheating.

    You may have a reason for doing what you're doing. It may be understandable. But its still cheating if its crossing the agreed boundaries of your relationship.

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    I think intimacy is a very important part of a marriage however without it due to physical injury or health reasons I believe I could abstain. I love my husband and i love sex but i married him to only be with him for the rest of my life. For me it isnt a matter of i will only be faithful for as long as you can have sex with me it is a commitment for life. I feel sorry for this woman and her husband really could get help if he wanted but for those with permanent physical injuries I can understand. I would hate it if I were physically impaired my husband felt the need to have sex elsewhere, that would not be ok with me. Maybe I am a bit of a prude but I believe sex is between two people who love eachother and that for me is exclusive to my marriage.

    These views are obvioulsy my own and if two people in a marriage had discussed there wants and needs and agreed upon an arrangement that works for them that is there perogative.


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