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    Default maternal health nurses making parents shocked distressed crying

    why is it i've seen it happen time and time again and it upsets me so much. Parents left in a state of shock and distress after seeing a maternal health nurse. why arent these nurses more careful in how they talk to parents so they dont unnecesarily give them shocks that leave them broken and distressed for a week later. I've seen this too many times and its so damaging and unnecesary.

    One may tell parents a certain issue is fine and then the next one stresses the hell out of the parents on the same issue. recently one told relatives that the babies weight was fine, then called the father and left him so distressed that the baby hadnt put on weight that week when she had clearly told everyone present that she was happy with the babies weight. the father was so distressed the way he was told . why arent they much more careful.
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    This is exactly why my 3rd baby has never seen the nurse. I'm a nurse and when I took the other 2 kids they were so not helpful and never actually listened to what I was trying to say. There's enough stress with kids without these horrible nurses making things worse.

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    hi, I had a most wonderful supportive mhn with my first three bubs, but we moved suburbs when the fourth baby was born, so a different mhn. I went there only the one time. Two clinics only 30 minutes apart, but the two nurses couldnt have been more opposite. I suggest, if it is possible, go to different clinics until you find one that suits you, and supports what you want to achieve. marie.


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