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    I would now, but when I was in a car with a friend driving she reversed into someone else. Barely even a scratch, but I urged her to floor it. Stupid stupid stupid.

    I've had someone back into me in a car park (on L plates with a friend supervising). An elderly gentleman reversed and scraped all the way down my car. Friend and I got out to check the damage and as we were both suprised (and assumed that an older man and his wife would be honest and hang around) we didn't realise when he just got back in the car and drove off!

    So karma got me back I guess. Even though it wasn't me driving the first time I told my friend to take off. There was next to no damage when my friend did that but I scored a massive scrape down the side of my car not long after so I figured it was karma.
    Even though I don't drive at the moment, I'd leave a note now.

    And someone mentioned wind catching doors, it's happened to dh. Our car is TINY and the doors are flimsy and stupidly light.
    Huge gust of wind, opening door at car park and CRUNCH, right into the newish car next to us.
    The guy was just getting out, and tried to yell at dh. Dh got fired up back as it was an honest accident and it wasn't like he wasn't apologetic to the guy.

    Anyway, dh gave the guy his details and said that if the tiny scuff didn't cut and polish out (which it would have, it was nothing) to call and we'd fix it.
    The guy backed down when dh arked up in return. I think he thought dh would pay a lot if he was on the back foot but dh knew he was in the right lol.

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    I would yes.
    In my old car (black) i finished grocery shopping with exDP to find a huge white scrape along the side of my driver side, from just after back wheel to middle of drivers door!! What? They didnt know they had to drive straight back before turning out of the park!!??. I was soooo pi.s.s.ed off!!!!!

    I opened my drivers side door once and this HUGE gust of wind came and ripeed it out of my hands and banged into the utes side mirror beside me. It didnt leave a mark, just bent it back (which it clicked forward again no probs) The owner came back just as it happened and was soooo dirty at me! Honest mistake on my part though. I would have left a note.

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    I have backed into a car in the carpark and left a note, even though I couldn't see any damage to their car (backed into the tray of their ute, it scratched my car but not theirs). They never called.
    Have also had our car scraped in the car park by someone who just drove off. Thankfully, someone else witnessed it, got their number plates and though they tried to deny it to the insurance company, the damage on their car told a different story...


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