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    Default Single mum with 3 and working... how do you manage without help from ex

    single with 3 (3, 4 and7) - finding working 4 days a week kinda stressful esp in my job - bit run down... their dad is supposed to have supervised access but hasn't organised it yet (and probably won't as has been nearly 6 months since he was supposed to organise it) so only takes the oldest one on a sunday - so limited relief from 'stress' etc.. how do you manage not to go stir-crazy?

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    Four days a week with three so young is a lot! You must be like wonder woman or something!

    I cook dinners I can freeze, rally my kids to do a lot more than I wish they had to and make use of child care. Like, if pick up time is 6pm and I got out of work at 5.30 I would fly around and do the groceries because kid free grocery shop ups are gold! Takeaway chinese happens too much also!

    My house isn't tidy or any where near what I'd call clean either.

    Sorry there is no advice in any of that really. I try to get up early, make coffee and sit on my porch enjoying the quiet time and checking Facebook and emails. Usually ends up with a munchkin joining me though!
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