Hi everyone,

I’m doing my Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at QUT and I’m exploring the phenomenon of ‘internet addiction’, or problematic internet use, i.e., spending too much time online (e.g., whether it actually exists, what the main features might be).

As such, I’m hoping to recruit people who:
- are over 16 years of age
- experience MILD TO SEVERE PROBLEMS from their internet use or feel their use of the internet is EXCESSIVE.

Do you fit this description? If you do (or even if you’re not sure, but are curious to take part), please follow the link below, read the information sheet about the project, and decide whether you’d like to take part.

The research involves a short online screening survey and then possibly a phone interview if you are happy to do one (the screening survey is so I can make sure I interview people with a range of different problems).

PLEASE NOTE: Completing the survey does not oblige you to do a phone interview, so it’s okay if you change your mind during or after the survey.

There’s a detailed information sheet and consent form before you have to answer any questions, so just follow the link to find out more:


I really appreciate your help - please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Many thanks,
Tania McMahon