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    Default Laparoscopy next month. Questions.

    I'm having a Laparoscopy done on the 28th of next month.

    I'm starting to panic a bit now so I'm looking for some advise, stories and maybe a few answers

    A little about the Surgery.
    I have suspected Endo and I do have ovarian cysts that will be removed.
    I had a colposcopy done 6 weeks ago which came back positive for pre cervical cancer cells which will be removed during the Op, I also had 2 benign growths on my cervix that will also be removed during the Laparoscopy.
    Also having the Mirena fitted.
    I'm going through the Public System with a Private Gynecologist.

    I do have 2 more appointments with my Gyne before the surgery to go through everything so I will ask these questions, but just wanted to get a feel about it all from other women who have had a Lap too.
    A few questions I have are...

    •How long will I be knocked around from it? I'm taking 2 weeks off work (suggested by Gyne) but not sure if this is to much or to little?

    • It's Day surgery, I'm afraid of being back at home that night in a lot of pain.
    I did have a C-Section with my daughter and was home 2 days later and the pain was ok.
    Just not sure if it's a similar pain or not.

    • will I be bleeding badly after the Op?
    I know with the Mirena my periods are going to be a total mess for a long time, I haven't been on birth control for many years so I know my body will most likely react badly but I'm willing to stick it out for as long as possible to reap the "Possible" advantages.

    • I have lost 45+ kgs.
    I exercise daily now, and do boxing twice a week.
    Roughly how long will I be waiting to get back into my exercise routine after the Lap?
    (I know it's best to ask my gyne this, just thought I might try my luck on here too)
    I'm petrified about putting on weight whilst recovering.
    It's making me loose sleep.
    Might sound extreme but after all this weight loss and hard work I don't want to go backwards.
    I'm also very worried about the Mirena and weight gain.
    I have made that very clear to my Gyne and we have come to the agreement that if I'm putting on unexplainable weight I want the thing out ASAP.
    I have given my self a 10kgs limit with the Mirena.. Any more than that and it's coming out!
    I won't count weight gain whilst I'm recovering as my exercise routine will be out the window for awhile.

    • How long should Dh take off work?
    Dd can be a handful at the best of times, Dh has 8 weeks carers leave up his sleeve and 5 weeks holidays owning, and 70+ hours of overtime paid as time in Lou.
    So we are lucky to have the flexibility for him to take as much time as he/I wants/needs.

    • we don't have someone or any family willing to baby sit on the day of my Lap. My mum has said she can come down and visit for a few days so I'm not alone on the day of the Lap but I don't want to put her out of her way or anything..
    Will I be fine to just be at the hospital by myself? Or will I be wanting someone there with me?

    I know this is a lot of questions and most are silly for a small key hole procedure.
    But I have no idea what to expect..
    I have only ever had the C-section which was an emergency so there was no time to think of these things..
    I'm extremely nervous.

    Thanks in Advance for any advise that's given.

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    I had mine on the wednesday and went back to work on the monday ,but 3 days after wards i was back to normal house work, grocery shopping. Since i work in childcare with lots of lifting i wasnt allowed to do it for the first week. (It was the 3 time i had one done in a few years so kinda got used too it.

    All mine have been day surgery, i dont feel much pain the day of it, but the next day it hurts to roll, move, laugh, sneeze and just general body aches all over. I never needed the panadeine forte and was able to cope with the panadol. By day 3 was fine.

    It is up to you how much time if it was me now having it done that i have a 7 month old i would be getting hubby to have 4-5 days off. Depends on your daughter and if you will having to lift her a lot and if she will understand mummy is sore and mummy wont be as active as normal.

    At the private hospital i went to no- one is allowed with you at all. You get their for admission do all that stuff thn sit in a room in a gown for an hour with everyone else waiting. After spending time in recovery i was checked then they called hubby to come and collect me so waited about 15 minutes for him to get their. Your hospital may be different id ask about their rules. Personally i dont want to be sitting their talking to someone i just want someone to take me home and let me sleep as i am normally home by 3pm.

    Goodluck im sure you will be fine.
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    How long will I be knocked around from it? I'm taking 2 weeks off work

    I took two weeks off, and that was fine. When I went back, I wasn't able to do too much that strained my abs but otherwise all ok.

    • It's Day surgery, I'm afraid of being back at home that night in a lot of pain.

    I haven't had a c-section but I would guess that pain would be much worse. Its not all that bad if you keep up the regular meds.

    • will I be bleeding badly after the Op?

    I don't remember bleeding profusely. Just like normal periods I think for 2 weeks?

    • I have lost 45+ kgs.
    I exercise daily now, and do boxing twice a week.
    Roughly how long will I be waiting to get back into my exercise routine after the Lap?

    I would say 3 weeks? You will know when you feel ok. You can probably start with walking at 2 weeks or so, and progress from there.

    • How long should Dh take off work?

    I would say same as PP - 4-5 days would be good.

    • we don't have someone or any family willing to baby sit on the day of my Lap.

    I am a major sook when it comes to surgery so would always ask someone to be with me for as long as possible, but its up to you personally.

    All in all its not that bad a procedure, and you have had a bubby - through c-section no less, so I'm sure it will feel like a breeze compared to that! Good luck!

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    oh huge hugs, that's a lot to deal with at once! I've had both a lap and lletz to remove pre cervical cancer too (separate occasions though).
    They're both minor procedures, but the fact that they involved such a private and precious part of my body made it more distressing than anything else.

    I can't answer all of your questions as the situation isn't exactly the same but from my experience...
    For the lap - I felt pretty awful for the rest of the day so they kept me in overnight, I did wake up in the night in really bad pain (entirely in my chest and shoulder - did they warn you about this?!) which continued for about 48 hours, not as bad as the first night though. But I was otherwise fine and up and about after that. I only had a little spotting the next day.
    They only gave me codeine to take home, which doesn't work for me (I'm in the 10% of the population that lacks the right gene!) but if you're going straight home they'll probably supply something strong enough to get you through the first night. I haven't had a c-section but I can't imagine it'd be worse!

    For the procedure I had for my cervix - I bled on and off for about 3 weeks, and had really bad cramps like period pain for about 3-4 days.

    I was alone at hospital for the lap and was fine (I just texted people and watched tv) and took DP for the lletz, but it's really up to you if you want someone with you, some people aren't bothered and some people really need the emotional support - they're both totally normal. If it were me though, I'd probably get my mum to look after my DD for a couple of days so you can stay in bed and relax. It's great that you've got the support from your mum and DH, you sound like you'll be very well looked after.

    Sorry I can't help with the Mirena or exercise aspects though, hopefully someone else can add to that. I hope it all goes smoothly for you


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