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    Quote Originally Posted by 4underfour View Post
    Haha sorry I Lol'd at you being 'bat**t' crazy!

    I think there will be some way you can get around it. At the worst they could do a supra pubic catheter which is a needle through your abdomen into the bladder. They might even be able to do one when you are opened up! But as you have severe psych issues with 'down there' stuff I think they will try their best to help.
    Hahaha, no worries!

    Thank you so much for the information about the supra pubic catheter! I just googled that and it sounds like what I'm looking for (had no idea what it was called though). I can deal with a needle through my abdomen!

    Interestingly, this method is apparently more hygienic than a foley catheter. Bonus points!

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    Default Caesareans and no catheter

    I'm not sure how feasible passing a needle into your abdomen is whilst extremely pregnant. Also are you aware post c section the midwives have to wash you, check your blood loss and change your pads until you are able to get up.

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    A supra pubic catheter would need to be inserted surgically with a stoma. Much the same way they create an opening for a colostomy bag or PEG feeding. Its not usually done for temporary catheterization.

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    They need an empty bladder for the caesarean so that it's not in the way of incision and isn't accidentally nick it.

    You'll be given IV fluids and you'll be loosing a lot of fluid after the birth (dieresis) so you'll be filling up that 2L catheter bag pretty regularly.

    The risks of not having one is that your bladder fills up, damages the nerve receptors in your bladder so that you then get urinary retention incontinence and can never feel the urge to go and you have a high chance of developing a kidney infection. The urine can also flow back into the kidneys and cause severe infections which can be life threatening. If you can't feel when you have to pee, then you end up with a catheter after birth to prevent those complications. I would imagine the obstetricians would be very hesitant to do the surgery without a catheter because of the risks of damage to your bladder.

    You'll have a midwife checking and changing your pad at least every half hour for the few hours after birth and then hourly/second hourly for most of the day until you get out of bed.

    You will have just had a major surgery (10cm incision) across your abdomen thats cut through layers skin, muscles and then your uterus. After watching numerous caesareans and the surgical force that is required to make that incision to deliver the baby, you're gonna hurt. A lot. You don't want to have to be getting out of bed and walking to the toilet every 2 hours to pee.

    The catheter will be put in after the spinal like previous posters have said. The screen will be up, and you won't have a clue that they're even doing it.
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