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    Cool New here. Long intro/vent (sorry) Looking for some thoughts and experiences.

    Hello everyone.
    I'm 27 with two princesses aged 5 and 7.
    Both girls have lived with my full time since i left their biological father in 2008 as he was being unfaithful to me, emotionally abusive and neglectful of his children. At the time my girls were only 8 months and 3 years (almost). I then spent the next two years trying to get my ex to have some sort of contact with the children to encourage an on-going relationship, but he was disinterested and kept saying how he wasn't ready for the responsibility of the kids. The few times he did speak to his eldest daughter he would tell her that he was coming to visit her and never showed up. Another time he told her that because she had been naughty, she wasn't allowed to see him!! So after a while i gave up and stopped trying to keep in touch with him. I decided he had done enough emotional damage to my eldest daughter and if he wasn't going to grow up and be a man, well he wash;t going to see his kids. after months of not hearing from him he finally sent me a text asking if i could get his daughter to call him and i told him no and reeled off the various reasons and since then it has been on and off for the last four years with mediation requests and court threats that never get carried out because he is too damn lazy. He made an attempt last year to sign my eldest daughter out of school but the principal stopped him after my daughter said she had no idea who the man was that wanted to take her. Now i am receiving more mediation requests (after two failed attempts on his depart) as he has gotten a girl pregnant and wants to play happy families with all the children. I'm currently in two minds about how to go about this situation. If i don't respond to the request, it may look bad on my behalf, but i am determined to protect my babies from this man who has only ever damaged them in the past and i know the courts don't care for that.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation? I am feeling as if a complete stranger is trying to get their hands on my children.

    Thanks for reading

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    Ive not had any experience with mediation but i think its probably good to go and explain your reasons for being apprehensive and have these documented?


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