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    Default transitioning to a bed...when?

    I was wondering at what age was your little one when they transitioned into a single bed? (excluding a toddler bed as im not getting one).

    DD has just dropped her morning sleep and is doing one long 3hr nap.
    I dont want to mess with that atm by introducing a bed.
    She's 17mths and just started walking and cimbing onto the couch. She has never climbed out of her cot....yet. Im in no rush to put her in a bed.

    But i do wonder, What did you do for a smooth transition? How did you know they wer ready? How long did it take? How did you keep them in bed? Did you use a Safety rail?

    Sorry for all the questions!

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    We have just moved DD to a bed in the last few weeks, and she is 26mths. She never tried to climb out of her cot either, which is why we didn't move her earlier, but I am expecting #2 in November, so wanted her settled in a new bed well before then. I think most of the people I know with young kids moved them into a bed earlier than we did. We made sure DD knew what was happening ("bye bye to the cot" "big bed like Mummy and Daddy") and involved her in the removal of the cot/set up of the bed, which seemed to help as she was very excited.

    Our transition has been much smoother than I imagined!! I think it's helped by the fact that DD has just dropped her day sleep altogether so she is absolutely exhausted by bedtime. Previously she would fight sleep for up to an hour and I used to hold/pat her and put her down in her cot once she was asleep. Now, she sits in bed for a book, lies down and is asleep in about 2 mins. Heaven!! I still sit or lie with her while she's going to sleep. She occasionally gets out of bed during the night (normally wakes 1-2 times.....same as when she was in a cot), but is happy to go back to bed and settles MUCH quicker then she did in her cot. We are using a safety rail at the moment as I was worried she would fall out and be scared of her new bed. However, we are planning on trying without the rail within the next week or so because I find it so hard to get off her bed once I am sitting/lying down on it!!!! (not a pretty sight!). She doesn't seem to move around much so hopefully should be okay.

    Good luck with whatever you decide OP - and enjoy those 3 hours naps while you can!!

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    Ive read between 2-3 is the best time unless they are climbing out.

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    Ds has always slept in my bed, i've just transitioned him into a single bed in his own room, he's 2.

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