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    We had insurance do this to us, we cancelled out policy 5 times(due to them changing our agreed value) and because they stuffed up I almost got a black mark from my car loan. I would transfer enough to cover my loan as I did not have the paperwork to change accounts to direct debit my loan and due to insurance taking the money I defaulted. I managed to get loan out of my new account 2 hours at their new office(lucky for me) and shut it down. They(insurer) had hide to send a letter saying your policy will be cancelled, which we rang abusively saying we cancelled many times and had to shut the account so you would stop taking our money.

    I will never give those places permission to direct debit only my loans every thing else I pay b-pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairyflossfairy View Post
    I will never give those places permission to direct debit only my loans every thing else I pay b-pay
    Yep, we try not to do direct debits too now. The only one that we have is our Rent. Everything else is B/Payed or Transfered or by cheque etc. I wont even do direct debits for our loan and just transfer the money myself.

    We had a health insurance company stuff us up. We transferred health insurance companies and they had organised for it all to transfer over from a certain date. A few days before it was meant to transfer I went into our old PHI to make sure they were going to cancel the direct debit and they said bad luck we can't cancel it even though we can see its being transferred because you aren't the main person on the PHI. (For some reason the PHI places think DH's are the main people and they are the only ones that can do anything) And even if it went through they wouldn't reverse it!! I went straight into the bank and was able to stop it thank goodness.


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