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    I read something along these lines a few days ago that I thought was really interesting - it's pretty long though :

    It's mostly about over-population but talks about some of the successful initiatives going on to reduce fertility rates and by extension, poverty.
    It is all pretty depressing though

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    I worked a lot in third world countries and this is my view on the whole family size issues. When the first world countries went in and started improving child mortality in about the 60's until now things have slowly got better and better - now if a family has 10 children only 2 might die - before it was 6 might die. So this is a greta result, child mortality has improved by X percent and 1000's more children will live. This is all happened in the space of one generation. What did not happen at this time was that the social aspects of large families where not addressed at the same time. The normal practice of having large families which was once to ensrue that there were some children living when parents reached old age is not longer an issue but the mentality of having heaps of children is still strong - a practice that has gone of on for many and many generations. A lot more focus needs to be paid to addressing the social issues - and this is a lot harder, take a lot more time to get results and does not look as good on graphs and tables when showing outcomes to funding bodies. The social practice is too far behind the physical and until they catch-up , people will continue to have lots of children. This is my personal theory I might add... I worked in an area in africa and a women was having her 18th child and she was not even 35. Her and her husband where shocked ot hear that it is not healthy for a women to have a child every year, that the mothers body needs time to recover and become strong again. It is such a different reality to ours - and a very complex one.

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    I have a good friend that works in Madagascar a couple of months out of the year and in many other developing countries. From what he says it's definitely an education problem which is obvious but it goes farther than you think.

    1st world countries do send a lot of money to these countries for medicine and I'm not opposed to giving out birth control such as the shot with education material. They are VERY misinformed though. The last time he was there he had two different people ask if HIV was real. That's scary...


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