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    Default Newborn TWIN checklist - Help needed!!

    Hi there,
    I am in desperate need of some wisdom of other parents of twins or multiples.
    I am expecting for the first time and am 30 weeks pregnant of twin girls, we couldn't be more excited!
    We were hoping to have everything organised by now, time has somehow slipped away from us and we are only just starting now!
    There are endless supplies of checklists for single newborns but NO twin checklists. It is all very daunting really!
    If anyone can tell me what is essential, what not to bother with and if we really need 'double everything'??
    ANY info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi I'm the lucky mum of 3 year old twin girls, (hence the user name). My main advice to you is have lots of everything, Nappies, clothes, frozen meals, help from friends and families and sleep when ever you can. Don't try to be super woman and join a twins group as I did and still go to. Only people who have walked in your shoes understand how exhausting it is and you can laugh and cry over the funny and special group you have become a member of
    . I was supermum until I hit the wall at 3 months and this group saved my life with what we call the twin bible ( SAVE OUR SLEEP by Tissie hall). This book helped a helpless new mum to take back a little bit of control and within no time i had the girls in a strict routine of feed, sleep.
    Top 5 checklist
    1/ Read save our sleep (you can thank me later)
    2/ Get a roster of family and friends set up for when you come home from hospital.
    3/Join a twins group even one online
    4/nappies, bedding, sleepsuits and a good pram
    5/Love and savour your little girls as with twins you forget so much in the blur of endless feeds and nappy changes.
    If you survive with a smile on your face you may even go back and try again as we did. This time a little boy who's 5 months old now.
    Good luck


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