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    Default Oh how i hate dinner time

    Dinner times...
    I know its not my kids fault but i cant help but feel sad and unappreciated at dinner time. I spend 2 hours at least (almost) every day cooking healthy, homemade, tasty meals for my kids to just look at it say 'yuck' and throw it on the floor.
    I know its not their fault, they dont understand but by golly i wish they were 21 now and realised just what i do for them.

    When they look at my dinner and say 'yuck' gosh that gets me...i feel like crying. Its almost like a piece of me in on that plate and they are intentionaly having a dig at me. Stupid i know.

    Ho hum, dinner time.

    BTW, my kids are actually great eaters and most of the time they eat my dinner and really love it but the days they dont GOSH IT HURTS!!! Also, DD is sick and im starting to come down with someting too so im probably a little more sensitive tonight.

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    My kids have turned into horrible eaters and I don't know why. I too cook every single darn night for them, prepare everything from scratch. I cook anything from their favourites to new things. 4 out of 7 nights at the moment one or the other takes one look at it and says Yuck, I don't like it. And sure enough once one has said it so does the other one. It absolutely cuts me to the core, of all the things that can hurt me this is the one that gets to me.

    I try to ignore it and just tell them that's dinner if you don't want it get down from the table.

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    OP- try starving them all afternoon and they'll eat whatever is served up, lol!
    I try not to give my girls anything to eat for at least an hour an a half before dinner- if I do, it's carrot sticks or a handful of frozen peas, so at least if they don't want to eat anything else they've already had some veggies.
    Nothing worse than making an effort and having someone turn up their nose at what you've made.

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    We eat dinner at 5 and mine are allowed one piece of fruit between 3:30 and 4 after 4 nothing! We eat afternoon tea around 2:30-3. My DS1 has been whining about vegetables lately so tonight when he asked me what we were having I said tuna mornay, rice and vegetables the I said in a whiny voice I don't like vegetables *whiny noise whiny noise* *fake tantrum* He ate all his dinner bar the cauliflower

    Maybe why they are going through this stage ease up on the effort for dinner? I know when I 'slave over a hot stove' an they don't eat it I feel a bit put off the easy meals I make just make it feel like water off a ducks back


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