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    Default Down Syndrome risk for 2nd baby

    Just re-posting this as I had no replies and thought someone new maybe reading this now.

    Hello. I am hoping someone can help me out. With my first pregnancy 4 years ago, I had a high risk for down syndrome. I had all the tests done and everything turned out fine in the end and we have a beautiful boy.

    My question is this - because I had a high risk with my first pregnancy, does that automatically mean I will have a
    high risk with any subsequent pregnancies? I know age and weight contribute to this and I am nearing 40, but I have lost 30 kgs since my first pregnancy. Does this make a great difference? I have been unable to find any answers about this.

    Is there anyone who had a high risk with one pregnancy but not for subsequent pregnancies? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi not sure you will read this and it's a few days old but I can't help but not reply I have had a pregnancy with a downs syndrome result and I'm only 28 we decided not to continue and that our private decision we had spoken to the ob and it's something that happens at conception it's nothing you can do yes they say age is a factor but not always


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