Hi I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I am approx 5 weeks pregnant and have done 2 first response HPTs over weekend (first thing on Sat & Sun mornings) which have both been positive.

I have been getting very slight abdominal discomfort, a little like I have stretched my stomach muscles for the last week and this morning had a light pink discharge which is now brown. Currently only shows on paper, not enough to show on a pad. My breasts are still tender but not as much as they have been although I have noticed that they are more tender at different times of the day - is this normal?

I went to doctor this morning and she did two urine tests both with the same sample which both came back negative. Given the slight discharge and discomfort she has said that I am most likely at the start of a miscarriage. The doctor did not do a blood test but said to do another urine test in a week to confirm (if I have had no proper bleed).

I am quite distressed as my husband and I were so happy and had been trying for a few months!

Has anyone had a similar experience and still maintained a healthy pregnancy and if not how long should it take for the bleeding to start and the breast tenderness to cease - the waiting is horrible!