Hello everyone,

Not sure where I should've put this post, but...

I was wondering if anyone out in BH land has done the Tweddle Residential Stay and what were you experiences?

DD (12 months) is currently on the waiting list for either an early August or mid September admission. We've done the day stay up in Bacchus Marsh in February and unfortunately, I'm at my wits end, so we're going to try again for the residential stay.

How old was your LO when you attended? Did you find it helpful? What are the facilities like (sleeping quarters, bathroom, kitchens etc)? Will I need to take anything specific that you thought you should have taken once you arrived?

The nurse mentioned the walls are paper thin, so don't expect much sleep, but to be frank, I'm not expecting any sleep at all as our purpose of this is to help DD sleep through and wean off the night feeds among other issues. The website says they provide food, but DD goes through so much milk (cows milk, not formula) I'm a little concerned how will I go about this? DD is going through no less than 1 litre a day (yes, I'm aware this is also an issue, spare me the judgements)

Thank you!