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    My ds moved into his own room at 4 months and was still in a cot til the age of 2.5 when he climbed out! He's now 5.5 years old and he still calls out for us to come in before he gets out of bed. He can (obviously!) get out of bed himself, but rarely does it. But, we had a monitor in his room til he was 4 & it broke, but then we bought a video monitor for our new bub before she was due and we 'tested it out' in his room ... it ended up staying in there for months as our dd slept in with us.

    I couldn't relax without the monitor. I sleep with a fan on and I simply cannot hear him calling out (his door has to be shut at night or he doesn't sleep). Even now, we sleep with his door shut and ours open at night and still at least 50% of the time my dh hears him call out before I do. But, I know now that at 5.5 if he really needs us he can come & get us.

    I love the video monitor that we have for our dd who moved in her own room at 5.5 months. I sleep SO much better without kiddies in our room so she had to go to her own room by that stage. The video monitor means I can check on her easily at any time of day or night if she's asleep without having to get out of bed & go into her room, potentially waking her in the process.

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    My 2 year old shares a room with her 4 year old sister & they love sharing a room I have co slept with her on & off but she is now sleeping all night in her own room. I do check on all my children at 10:30 & DH checks on them when he leaves for work at 5am. In the morning my 6 year old DS comes to my bed & my elder daughter calls me to get DD2 out of her cot.

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    Yes I'd say about 50% of the time

    She still co sleeps with us a lot of the time because

    1- if she is sick I want her in with me so I know what is happening. I don't want her having an asthma attack during the night and she has had a fevvral convulsion during the night in our bed so...
    2- If she wakes up she comes into our bed herself. We took the side of her cot off when she was 2.5 and now she has a loft single bed so on nights she wakes she just comes into our room. When she had the cot side on still she would call out and would go get her
    3- sometimes I bring her in as I miss her and want her in with us/me
    4- when dh or I are away for the night we will have her in with us so we aren't alone either
    5- If she is unsettled or wakes as we are going to bed

    In the morning she comes into our room to wake us up or jump in. Sometimes she will go to the toilet first. We live with my mum and 9yr old brother so he will sometimes get up with her and get her breakfast too

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    My 2.5 yo ds has slept on his own since 2 months. He never would settle or sleep in our bed.
    He is in a bed now, and can't reach the door handle. He calls out if he needs us. His bed shares a wall with our bedroom.
    Sometimes we go in and he has been up and pulled out books or toys, but has always got himself back into bed and pulled the covers over himself.
    Usually he just hangs out in bed with his teddies and cars, tractors, utes, diggers...

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    My dd just turned 2 last month. She sleeps in a toddler bed in her own room. She has been ima toddler bed for about a yr, and in her own room since about 8months old. We are looking in getting her a big persons bed (single bed) now.


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