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    Default Settles without boob if I'm not around!!

    Disclaimer: no negative comments, I don't control cry, I'm an attachment parent ((((peace))))

    So last night we booked a baby sitter! Had 4hrs to ourselves!! So nice to have a date but u tell you I have been stressed since booking the date in on how my 9m old DD3 would go without me being around. I can't pump, I have an epic supply, I get several let downs a feed but I just can't pump! I tried putting her on and taking her off on the let down and putting the pump on but I didn't get a drop! Well I got 40ml after and hour or more! Just not worth it BUT found out DD didn't even want the bottle, cried for a millisecond and went to sleep the entire time we were gone! I got home and she slept for longer, 5hrs in total until I put my boob in her mouth cause I was in agony from full boobs!!! DD2 apparently put herself to bed, read herself a book and rolled over and went to sleep! Never does that EVER!

    SO I'm use to feeding dd3 several times in the evening rocking, patting ssshhushing sometimes she doesn't sleep until I get in bed with her then peel myself off the bed and creep out. It just got me thinking, how can I change things so she has a nice big sleep like she did while I was away? It would be awesome to be able to have that part of the night to myself, go out late night shopping with my friends, have a glass of wine... Any ideas? DH gets her to sleep sometimes but if she knows I'm there she goes crazy, also he doesn't ever have the patience to rock her specially as he wants to go back to work (home business) after he has put the elder 2 down which has been his job since DD3 was born...

    So any creative, natural, calming advice is appreciated!!


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    Did you ask the baby sitter how she settled dd3? Would you swap with your dh that you put the older 2 to bed and he put your dd3 to bed?

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    I still ND my soon to sleep in my house
    , but he didn't even ask for milk at his fathers place, so I'll be interested in hearing ideas too

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