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    Sorry it's taken me this long to reply, Eliza. Yes, they did BSL simply because she was so large. I tested negative for GD whenever they test you... 28 weeks or something? I asked the Dr about this and whether I may have had it and not realised and he said maybe. He also said that I would need testing myself in a couple of months to see if I had diabetes or whatevs.

    More info for midwife student in you...

    I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago (7 years i think), and was insulin resistant. I was put on metformin.

    I stopped metformin during my first pregnancy 3 years ago and haven't been back on it. Both pregnancies tested negative for GD.

    From the time I was diagnosed with PCOS til the time I conceived my second bub, Mirabelle, I had lost about 24kg.

    I know I'm at risk of future type 2 diabetes because of all this, but I'm hoping the weight loss (and the future weight loss I'm aiming for) and the fact that I tested negative for GD both times, are all things in my favour. Obviously, having a massive baby isn't a sign in my favour! But she was 10 days overcooked after all. And her Dad is very tall and broad. I'm average height (170cm), but thick/broad framed.

    One final update on our story... Mirabelle is now breastfeeding normally! Take that, inverted nipples! Ha! You didn't win this time!

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    I'm sorry I didn't see your last post! So glad you are well and feeding is going well!! It can be really hard with inverted nipples so go you!!!


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