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    They can have a sleep regression at about 4 months. Coincides with a wonder week I think. My DD certainly forgot how to self settle and had to relearn that wonderful skill. She's now come out the other end and sleeping better then ever.

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    So my DS is nearly 4 months. Day sleeps are hit and miss depending on what we are doing (it's so much harder keeping to a routine with a second child) but this is a rough guide to what happens. I wake him about 7.30am and he has a bottle. He's up until about 9.15am and then has about an hour and a half. Another bottle at 11 ish, awake till 12.30 and then back to bed (or in the pram for a walk if he's unsettled) and he can sleep for up to 3 and a half hours. Feed at 3ish (depending on how long he sleeps). Nap around 4ish but he always wakes for witching hour 😁. Another feed at 6ish. Bed by 7.30 at the latest. Dream feed at 10.30 and he sleeps thru till I wake him (or I hear him gurgling away 😃). He's been in this routine from about 8 weeks so no doubt it'll change now I've written this 😄. I am constantly checking on him during his day sleeps as I sleep in on his tummy in the day (he has a neck problem so this is the best position for him and it turns out he prefers it) but I'm ultra paranoid. They do say they sleep sounder on their tummies though.

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    OP, my baby is exactly the same as yours. I'm lucky to get one 40 min nap out of him during the day, and a second 20 min nap out of him! He's been like that since about 6 weeks old. The more mums I talk to, the more I find that other babies don't do day sleeps either, it's not just mine!! As for nights, he used to go down at 7, wake for a feed at 1 & then wake again at 6.....but the past 2 weeks hes been waking every 1-2 hours overnight!

    It's exhausting, I totally understand where you are at. But as a previous post mentioned, there is apparently a sleep regression at around 4-months that lasts a few weeks.

    It's frustrating, but nice to know its "normal"



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