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Can I ask why they take them? I was told its only on prescription for adults? We have tried phenergan with no change for DS2
Dd has been having some behaviour issues lately that were thought to be possibly linked to a socio emotional development delay but the paed thinks it could be linked to her bad sleep.
She takes up to an hour to go to sleep most nights and will sleep til midnight or 1am but will then wake anywhere from 4 to 6 times between then and 6am, each time taking up to half an hour to go back to sleep :-(

And the price difference is amazing between buying here and overseas.
1 bottle has approx 60 doses for us so would work out to be $7.50 for 2 months.
The only thing is I think the one we buy is stronger than what you can get here? It is a 3mg liquid formula and we are giving her 1ml before bed (at the moment).