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    I have 18 month old triplets, and they are extremely clingy to me, to the fact that i cant get around the house without them crying when i walk to the kitchen for example. They can still see me, but the fact i get up and walked away makes them cry and get all worked up. This isnt all the time, but lately it is happening alot more. I have a nanny that visits the house to take care of the boys, and when she is here, sometimes i stay and play too, or i go upstairs to do work, or i go out. I also have my mother and MIL who come over to help at which time i do the same. I stopped saying goodbye when i leave, and just sneak out, cause if i say goodbye they get all upset, but if i just sneak out they stay happy. Then when i come back the minute i walk in the house they all run to me crying. What have i dont wrong. I think i should not sneak away when i leave, but rather say goodbye and let them know I leaving, but i have tried that and they just get upset and it doesnt seem to change things. Does anyone have the same problem and have any advice for me?

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    Oh my goodness! I have one 19 month old, can't imagine having 2 more the same :-0

    18 months is a pretty bad age for separation anxiety so I don't think it will really matter what you do, it's actually pretty normal behaviour.

    You do need to say goodbye when you are leaving and tell them you will be back soon, otherwise everytime they can't see you they will think you have gone somewhere and left them. Although it is harder initially, just make sure you tell them that you will be back soon and they will eventually get it..

    Most kids will get over it pretty quickly after you leave, and with the 3 of then there it should be easy for whoever is looking after them to find something to distract them.
    Good luck, it doesn't last forever :-)


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