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    Default Question about Provera and Clomid


    Last cycle we tried Clomid 50mg, but Doc says bloods confirm no sign of ovulation. This month we are trying Provera to induce period and Clomid 100mg again to induce ovulation.

    Last month period came naturally on cd41. I'm currently on cd35. Supose to take Provera 5mg for 10 days and aparantly period will come a few days after I've stopped. I'm just unsure if I should bother with it as I hope my period would naturally come within 10 days. Just wondering though if Provera would help ovulation aswell? Other than bringing the period on does it help with anything else? I guess I'm asking, am I better off to wait, or take the Provera?

    13th month of ttc and getting impatiant for my next cycle to start!

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    From what I've read and heard, provera won't do anything for ovulation. The way you get a period is by having a drop in progesterone, so provera raises your progesterone level (mimicking what happens post ovulation) and when you stop taking it your levels drop and bring on a period. It's up to you when you take them. A natural period is preferable but if ur sure ur not pg then I'd be keen to get onto the next cycle. Best of luck

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    I have answered similar questions before, here is my background:

    I was TTC for 2.5 years before I fell pregnant finally. I had cycles from 40 days to 200+ days. I sought help after 2 years of TTC, it would have been earlier but I thought I'd wait for help until after our wedding (but still TTC naturally during that time).

    My first round of clomid failed, and I also had a UTI at the end of that 36 day cycle. I was advised not to take clomid on the 2nd cycle due to the antibiotics I was on. In the 2nd cycle (no hormone tablets), I took a pregnancy test on CD 39 which was negative, so I started the progesterone (porvera) for the 3rd cycle to start, but AF never came. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks later. My dating scan put ovulation at CD 39.

    When I was at the doctors he told me when to take clomid, to DTD on CD 14, blood test CD 21, then wait for CD 36 before giving up and taking the progesterone for the next cycle. If I had listened to him and only DTD around CD 14, I wouldnt have fallen pregnant, my blood test also would have shown no ovulation. I really wanted to get AF by myself, but couldnt wait very long past CD 36, thats why I gave up on CD 39.

    Not sure if it was luck (of DTD on the right days), or the clomid/progesterone in the cycle before, boosting my hormones, or maybe even taking the progesterone on O day that made me fall pregnant. I guess I will never know.

    So, when you say that the doctor said you didnt ovulate, was that because of a blood test on CD 21? If so, you had a 41 day cycle, and if you did ovulate, you would have ovulated around CD 27 (depending on the length of your luteal phase), which wouldnt have been picked up on the blood test.

    Secondly, I dont think the provera does anything for ovulation, however it was a big coincidence that I took provera on the day I apparently ovulated. Did your doctor tell you what day to take the provera? You could just start taking it if you like. Its really up to you.

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    I've been in your position too and it's so hard to know whether to take the provera or not! It definitely does nothing for ovulation, it's synthetic progesterone which mimics your luteal phase, doesn't make you ovulate & in fact it should actually prevent it. I too had a clomid cycle where I was told I didn't ovulate and to take it but I delayed it, eventually have in but didn't get AF afterwards and when I had a follicle scan my FS said I had ended up ovulating before I started the provera and the extra progesterone just extended my luteal phase and AF came a few days later than expected.

    To be honest if it was me, I would take the provera because I get sick of delaying my next cycle, but after over 2 years TTC I'm a little impatient lol


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