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    Default I feel compelled to share this .. for women who suffer from PMS

    Hi ladies,

    So I was typing a reply out to a lovely lady on here who made a post about PMS symptoms but then felt compelled to share my story in the hope it reaches someone who really needs to read this.

    November last year I was diagnosed with severe PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and put on anti depressants to help with it and also because I was actually depressed. I was just ok for one week of my cycle but the other three weeks were a NIGHTMARE! This was way beyond PMS. I would have violent outbursts mainly with DH where I would scream, cry, have major tantrums, throw things at him and a few times even got violet with him as ashamed as that makes me feel to admit to you all. I knew I needed help and the AD's weren't doing enough (although they definitely helped with the depression along with a psychologist) but I knew something was still not right with me. Wanting to leave my husband and the life I have three weeks out of every month is NOT normal! Even I could see that.

    I then started seeing my naturopath and she SAVED my life! I'm not exaggerating! She literally saved my life. She sorted through my symptoms and diagnosed an astronomical hormonal imbalance and put me on Premular (a form of Vitex). I noticed an improvement in my moods within two weeks. DH couldn't believe the change in me in just one short month. My moods improved, I wasn't feeling angry all the time and I actually had days where I felt happy! I've now been on Premular for 3 months and I will not be getting off it any time soon. I am amazed at the changes in me and DH says he feels like he has the old me back! Before Premular I felt like my body was invaded for three weeks out of the month and I literally had no control over my thoughts, my moods, my outbursts and my extreme anger and sadness. I know that sounds extreme but it was THAT bad. There were days I wanted my life to end.

    Anyways, I guess I just wanted to share that with you all to give you awareness that there is treatment out there for PMS symtpoms and we as women really don't have to put up with the pain that PMS can bring. Hormonal imbalances are real and as much as we joke about PMS, it is real and it can be debilitating in some cases as it was for me.

    If this helps just one lady to realise that she doesn't have to live with the pain that PMS can bring, then this was well worth the experience.

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