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    Default Lactose Intolerance for a 4 year old

    We found out today that DS4 maybe lactose intolerant.

    Our GP has recommended an elimination diet to confirm this.

    I am not sure where to start, can anyone provide shed some light on where to?

    Anything would be great.

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    Try the fedup.com.au website, it has a section on intollerances and the failsafe diet

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    We are vegan, I'm allergic to dairy and eggs and my eldest has expected dairy allergy so we took her off it when I decided to go dairy free after suffering from the allergy since birth!! I just never did anything about it!!

    SO advice! Err on the side of caution with soy. Read up and decide for yourself what you want about soy, we use it in moderation, I can't tolerate it as it gives me stomach cramps but out at cafes soy is the only option so it's in moderation for the kids and hubby. Rice milk in my opinion has no nutritional benefits so we drink almond milk, I make it, at home from scratch and keep it raw so it contains heaps of nutritional benefits! If your worried about calcium for your little one chia seeds are great sprinkled into a smoothie or on top of cereal, hidden in any type of food like spaghetti bog or soups etc just get ground up white chia so she can't see it if it worries her, my children eat it like ice cream, but hey each to their own! (my weird children!!) you can use nuttlex as a 1:1 ratio for butter in cooking, I add a little bit extra of oil but now days I just use oil as I'm familiar with that type of cooking now. Cheese we just don't go there! No cheesy pizza topping, yes but hey we don't miss it really! We buy coyo a coconut milk yoghurt A M A ZING! Expensive but really yummy! We use it like whipped cream for on top of pancakes, with muesli etc. ice cream is easy to make, I do fruit sorbets or make coconut milk based ice creams. You can buy coconut ice cream at some of the bigger organic style shops.

    Any other questions?

    I take a plate of food and a cupcake that I've made for dd to have at parties. We don't eat out much.

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