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    My daufhtwr told me I was the worst mother in the world and she wished I was dead. I told her that hurt me and that I would always love her. I then basically didn't talk to her for the next.hour and a half before bed. She was obviously upset by it and when she asked me why I explained to her that if I was dead like she wished then she wouldn't have me to talk to. Because she said it in the evening I told her to tuck herself in to bed because if I was dead I would never be able to do it. The next day we sat down and talked about what happens whwn you feel angry etc. and I told her that her words made me feel very sad and let her know I went and kissed her when she was asleep. She has never said anything like it to me since.
    I also think that it's too harsh a punishment to ground him for a week...I would go to he museum too. If it is the one day you two get together these.holidays to have fun I wouldn't take it from him.

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    Sorry to say it but you're going to hear a lot worse than that in the years ahead! It's seriously not worth dwelling over. He would of forgotten he even said it by now unless you keep reminding him
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    I completely agree with Bubmum. I wouldn't punish a 6 yo for saying that. My son is 3.5, and when he gets back from his dad's he often says "I don't love you, I only love Daddy". Rather than get upset, I just explain that we have enough love for more than one person in our hearts. Children are still learning the power of words. Heck, I know plenty of adults who still don't grasp that concept. I think explaining why it upset you should have been enough, mixed with maybe punishing him on the day. I wouldn't carry it on, that seems very dramatic for such a small thing.

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