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  • DS1 and DS2 (4yr gap)

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  • DS2 and baby (2yr gap)

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  • DS1 and baby (6yr gap)

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    Default Sharing bedrooms?

    Baby #3 due three months from now: gender as yet unknown.

    DS1 will have just turned 6. DS2 will be about to turn 2.

    Baby will be in bassinette in my room for first few months.

    DS2 needs to come out of cot some time soon.

    Three bedroom house.

    Who would you put in together?

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    I'd put DS2 and baby together.
    My girls share a room and they are 4 and 2, they started sharing when DD2 was 1, due to no other choice, but it has worked out really well. They usually chat a bit before going to sleep but this doesn't bother me and they don't generally wake each other up (DD2 still wakes at night and it never wakes DD1).
    I would assume your 6 year old would appreciate space and a separate room, being older, but i guess it comes down to personality also and obviously you would know best who would be more suited to a shared or separate bedroom.

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    Does your 2yo sleep through the night well? If he does, I'd put him with his big brother, and have the baby in the other room.
    You'll be up with the baby (once he/she is out of bassinette) to feed and change them, and there's also the issue of if bub is sleeping during the day in his/her cot, what if your toddler wants something from their room?
    My 2yo and 5yo share well together, and have had no problems. They actually soothe each other back to sleep if one wakes with a cuddle and a kiss, just like I would.
    You could always trial it now and see how they share anyway, and if it doesn't work out switch around after bub arrives.


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