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    Quote Originally Posted by Chew the Mintie View Post
    That's interesting wasting time. So you wonder If you overdid it and triggers an allergy? Someone told me today the current advice is nuts in moderation when pg, whatever that means!

    I know my daughter has a mango allergy, which only got triggered when she was about 5 and ate 5 mangoes in a row. Before that she'd had smaller amounts with no reaction. But once the allergy got triggered it hasn't gone away unfortunately
    Yes Chew the Mintie I do wonder. She has several other allergies, allergies to things I definitely didn't over eat in my pregnancy or when breastfeeding but I had a total love for cashew nuts and ate them daily. She's allergic to other tree nuts as well, tree nuts I didn't eat but out of all of her allergies cashew nuts are her worst allergy.
    I don't believe that just me eating them caused her to be allergic, I believe there was something that made her more susceptible and then perhaps me eating so many caused that particular allergy in her....I don't know, maybe it is just guilt but I do believe that I have done something to cause her to be more susceptible, even though doctors constantly tell me it was nothing I have done. They can't prove what causes allergies yet so there's no way they can 100% guarantee it was nothing I have done.

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    I'm sorry you feel that way..,. I guess I can only try to say that cashews are healthy so it's ironic you are having to feel guilty about eating something healthy and having it inadvertently *possibly* triggered an allergy but that people who eat maccas etc the whole way through never have to experience these feelings at all! Sorry it's the best I can come up with... Just bad luck however it happened.

    I guess the thing is that no matter how many nuts you did or did not eat and how early introduced solids etc, it's still only a very small percentage of people getting the allergies so in the context of this thread we are going to struggle to find any kind of pattern! I agree with the person who said it would be environmental and genetic triggers and also along with a good dose of bad luck

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    As it is correlational it could be any number of confounding variables that contribute to the findings. In stats its called "tertium quid" - which means that a third thing could cause the event rather than the two things the researchers are measuring.

    It is only one study and sounds like they have just found a link, but as mentioned it could be any number of things causing the results - even age for example. I havent had a look at the study - I might have a read over lunch. I usually find the studies are often not as conclusive as articles like to state they are.

    It is a bit confusing get mixed messages though, so important to keep it in perspective. Only one study and only a correlation.
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