Dear all,

I am not yet a mum but a mum to be (22 weeks now). I moved to Australia a few months ago and started reading (and experiencing) a bit about parenting in Australia. What struck me was how romanticised and glorified parenting is, and also how big the pressure is on everything being perfect. That's mostly in mainstream media.

But to the point. I am currently studying Live TV production at Metro Screen in Sydney and as a part of my course I have to develop an idea for a TV show for a community network - TVS. There are 20 students, everyone is pitching an idea and whichever idea gets chosen will be produced and broadcasted on TVS.

I have an idea for a late night chat show for parents where permission is given to admit parenting frustrations and laugh at their absurdities. I would like it to be a humorous and entertaining show, where parents could talk about their sometimes politically incorrect ways of dealing with their kids and the real issues of parenting that are not widely discussed in mainstream media.
I would like to capture the unspoken tribulations of parenting and show that the reality is not always beautiful and perfect, even if it's hard to admit it. I also think that parents and especially mothers are usually treated very seriously in Australia, that parenting is such a big deal that media is afraid of approaching this topic in a lighter manner with a bit of humour.

I was thinking about topics like: Kids tantrums – how do you handle them; How to get rid of your kids when they are driving you nuts (God bless grandparents); Stay-At-Home-Dads; The guilt factor –
How our culture and civilisation are making us feel guilty all the time;

I am looking for parents that would be interested in being guests on my show if it gets chosen, to talk about one of the topics that suits them the best (there will be 6 episodes in total, 30 min. each, I need 2 guests for each episode).

I would be very grateful for your reply and any piece of advice.

Thank you very much in advance.