Re illness and child care/school I actually consider myself extremely lucky that I have a DP who is willing to "take turns" in looking after DS while he's too unwell to attend school. I also have a job where, if there is something extremely important on and I need to be here, I'm able to bring him in and set him up with a tv in one of the back rooms.

Not everybody is on wages like I am. For some, taking a day or two off work every week or two means less food on the table.

I really hate when the word 'selfish' is thrown around like this. Out of all the people in the world who are selfish, parents just aren't the first who pop into my mind.

I will always rush home from work if I receive a call that DS isn't well and pick him up immediately. Sadly, I cannot keep him home for every cough and sneeze - he picks up just tooooo many and he's happy enough to go to school. He too deserves an education even though he's prone to colds (which he's usually caught FROM school so the kids have it anyway!) and his colds allllllways turn into something else, like an ear infection I would literally have to take most, if not all, of Winter off work and everything else.

When he was young and even more prone to illnesses and it was annoying me, I was lucky enough to be a SAHM and I didn't need to send him to child care. Child care centres are rife with germs *shrug* that's kids for you. When you get a large group of them together they're going to spread germs. It's life. Even in the most strict centres kids will be slobbering all over each other and spreading common viruses.