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    Default How to get DD to sleep without Wrap/Woombie

    My DD is 8 months old and only sleeps in her Wrap Me Up or Woombie. She is starting to grown out of them at the moment. I really don't want to buy any more wraps for her etc as I really can't afford it. I have tried getting her to sleep without them but no matter how tired she is she won't go to sleep.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get her to sleep I will be very greatful!

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    Ahhh yes, we are having the same battle at the moment. I've had DS (almost 10 months, but 8 months corrected) in a transition swaddle, and did many days of one arm out at a time to get used to it. He has no problems going to sleep, but once he stirs, he can not get himself back to sleep. Seeing he is such a bad sleeper anyway, I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and taking him out of the swaddle. Is there some way you could make a hole in one side or wrap her so that she has one arm out at first? And once she starts to get used to it, then take her out altogether? I found that DS wasn't as bad with only one arm out to start with, couldnt' get into as much mischief! Start with day sleeps, then when she improves, go to night sleeps. Sorry, that's the only advice I have - will be interested to see other views to see if there is soemthing that could make our transition easier as well! I do however, think that kids will only deal with it when they are ready to, and am arming myself with lots of patience to deal with the long haul that I know it's gonna be!!!

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