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    Default TTC weird pregnancy symptoms

    Currently TTC, am on day 19 atm, a week ago was my most fertile day, tried on the day and for the last couple of days I have been really tired, dizzy and nauseous. I am also bloated and have a pressure feeling on left side near ovaries. My nipples are saw and chest is vainy but no more than it usually is. The thing that has me a little weirded out is that the pain around my ovaries and bloated pressure feeling is uncomfortable, especially when going to the bathroom, which is more than usual already, and I have really noticeable blue veins thru my hips going down towards my upper thighs, is this normal?? As my doctor has said I have risk of an ectopic preg, could this be an early sign?
    Really worried ATM

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    What my FS and GP have told me is that it's close to impossible to have those symptoms as pregnancy symptoms only one week after ovulation. It takes at least 5-7 days for implantation to happen and only then is HCG released that can cause those symptoms to occur.

    As for an ectopic, I wouldn't stress about it right now. Wait until AF is late and take a hpt test. If positive you can go to your GP and get bloods done to see if your HCG levels are rising.

    Good luck!


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