DS has just turned 12 months and we've hit a really rough patch with his sleeping. He's been through a lot the last 3 weeks and I just don't know how much more I can take. I'm 36wks pregnant and if I don't get some rest soon I don't know what I'll do. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

3 weeks ago he got a bad cold. Prior to that he was sleeping 12hrs a night with 2 day sleeps of up to 1.5hrs each. Co-inciding with the cold, we moved house (across the state and away from any family/friend support), DH returned to working 10hr days after taking 2 months off and being at home with us and DS turned 12 months old. His cold got a lot worse just after the move and he was put on antibiotics (is still on them).

Each day we are lucky if we can get DS to sleep at all. As soon as we put him in his cot he rolls over and pulls himself up to stand. He'll stay like that, crying and eventually getting hysterical unless we physically remove him from his room and distract him with either toys or the dog. We've tried lullabies, night light, patting him, rocking him, staying in his room, ignoring him, putting him in our bed, everything I can think of and nothing soothes him at all. He'll just keep on crying and fighting sleep even though he is obviously exhausted. A couple of times we put him in the car and drove until he fell asleep and it only took 5mins so he's obviously tired but just won't let himself fall asleep in his cot. He can't lay himself down yet and yesterday I found him asleep sitting up in his cot as he'd tried to pull himself up to stand and cry but exhaustion must have won out before he got that far. Gave me one heck of a shock! He also seems to be suffering from some separation anxiety as whenever DH or I leave him (even just to go to the loo) he starts screaming and crying, even if the other one of us is holding him.

I've called Ngala and the child health nurse for advice and they say to just keep on enforcing our old routine but that it can take weeks to resettle after a change like moving house. Does anyone have any other advice? I just can't cope with this. Having a tired, grumpy baby 24/7 while so pregnant and with no support from DH (who is at work) or family/friends is too much.