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    Default Is my dd dropping her lunch bottle?

    My dd is will be 7 months next week and the last 3 or so days has not been wanting her lunch time bottle. All i can get her to take is maybe 80mls but will then eat her solids. I keep her bottle warm in boiling water but she is still not interested in it later. She currently has a cold which is now starting to get better. My question is: Is she starting to drop her lunch bottle?

    Her routine is:
    Bottle and solids @ 7.45am
    Bottle and solids @ 11.30am
    Bottle @ 3.15pm
    Solids @ 6pm
    Bottle @ 7pm then straight to bed.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    she well could be. each baby is a bit different in terms of appetite etc.
    mine is 9 months and the past few days only had 3 bottles (wake up, mid avo, before bed) and seems happy.
    i don't do routine though - i just give her a bottle if she wants one. maybe try spacing the bottle and solids out?
    give an early one, mid morning, mid avo, before bed?
    if she is healthy, happy, not fussing then don't worry.


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