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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMummy View Post
    for second time sexual offenders against children.
    This is the bit I protest against! Second time offenders?! You mean they get to rape a defenseless small child and get off with a slap on the wrist?!
    It should be mandatory sentencing from the first offense to make sure it will be the last offense for the next 20 years!

    See I am quite passionate about this. I have seen so many little kids suffer from domestic and sexual abuse, that in time I have developed the opinion of an eye for an eye. Not that it will ever happen, but if I were in charge, it would! Lucky my name isn't Julia or Elizabeth.

    If someone tortured a child like they did with baby Brianna, I would like to see the exact same torture being carried out on the involved adults and THEN throw them in a motel/jail for life without medical treatment. Throw in a pack of Panadols, that should be enough.

    Call me harsh or extreme, but I prefer I made sure there would NEVER be a second offense, than to try and trust these animals for not doing it again and then they end up hurting and damaging yet another innocent child for life.

    Besides, some of the jails are a bloody joke! TV, internet, their own room, etc.

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